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Put your Vive on and be a novice of Anubis. The sacred urns, that
represent the sons of Horus, are missing. Your task is to find them and
to bring them back to their altars. But be careful because the
Scorpion-Warriors will try to stop you. Take your sword and crossbow gun
to fight them and master the Challenge of Anubis

Development log


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We are happy to announce that we are back in development to release Anubis´Challenge  on Steam! We will publish new Information soon!

Could you please adjust what it supports on itch.io the client app says it doesn't support windows. so it wont let me download it

Thank you for your interest in our game. We are currently working again on Anubis'Challenge and thats why we decided to shut down the download on itch.io. It will be published this year and we hope you will enjoy it even more then. To get the newest updates check out our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/AnubisChallengeVRGame/

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Boring , Nothing Special except the crossbow-gun.

What was missing to make it better in your opinion?

Small Scorpions was really fast. i never died. reflecting laser was so easy i just held the sword in one way to reflect without moving. the temple was too big to notice the details. arrows are unlimited . i think it needs more puzzles.

Thank you for your Feedback, we appreciate it and think about it!

Hi, where do I download the game from?

Hi, you can download the game in a bit less then two weeks at friday the 18th of august.

Okay, thanks! I'll be lookin' forward to it.

We will be happy to hear your Feedback afterwards =)